domingo, 18 de octubre de 2009


Parasite stair (2006)

213 x 325 x 100 cm
27° São Paulo´s Bienal

Enor, from the serie suspect friendships (2008)
Critic over lomography

170 x 110 cm

specific intervention in the port of Rotterdam, 2005

Luto e Luta (2008)
Instalation - blocks over flag
114 x 255 x 177 cm

Name: Cidade, Marcelo
Year: 1979
Facts: Started his work as a graffiti maker and today do urban furniture, take pictures of his art that take place in different contexts. Hi s work is about a disagreement of the city organization and government and against the establishment. In 2005 realized a residence in Le Grand Café Nazaire, Centre d´art contemporain, in France. In 2006 participated in the São Paulo´s Bienal.

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